Genesis: Inside and Out

Hello.  My name is Jen Selinsky, and I have been a fan of Genesis since late 2006, although I didn’t really consider myself as a fan until a few months later in early 2007. There are so many things about the band which I like to celebrate, but the reason this blog came into existence is the fact that Genesis celebrates their 50th anniversary in 2017! It’s their “Firth of 50th,” if you will, so there’s no better time to celebrate!

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Genesis: Inside and Out is a place for me to share my love of Genesis with other fans.  It’s also a place where others can read and share stories about these talented individuals.  I welcome guest posts of all kinds which have to do with Genesis, its members, and the solo careers of those who were once a part of the band (and still are).  So, to all you Genesis fans out there, welcome to your home by the sea!

*I’ve made the editorial decision to post interviews/guest posts without editing for grammar, spelling, and typos.  Each guest post is included in its entirety, as submitted by the author.

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