Interview with Steve Hackett

*I first contacted Steve in March of 2016, when I inquired about sending him a copy of my Genesis-inspired poetry book, Twilight Alehouse.  It was only a little over a year later when I sent him another e-mail and asked him if he would do an interview for my Genesis blog.  To my amazement, and great delight, Steve said that he would do the interview!  Please read the following post to see the wonderful, insightful, and interesting replies to my questions…

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a musician?

I wanted to be a musician from the age of two when I learned to play the harmonica.


Who are some of your favorite artists and greatest musical influences?

Bach, Tchaikovsky, Beatles, Buffy Sainte Marie are all favourites who influenced me. Music from around the world is a great influence too.


How do you feel about your wide fan base?

I’m proud of my fan base and their appreciation of my involvement with many different styles. It’s great to meet fans everywhere.


What inspires your lyrics?

Inspiration comes from personal experience, social injustice and diverse musical cultures from different countries and travels with my wife Jo, who is also a writer.


Which do you write first, music or lyrics?

Either music or lyrics can come first. Sometimes it’s a subject that I’m moved by, such as the plight of refugees who are being increasingly marginalised and other times it’s a piece of music that comes into my head.


Do you have any future projects in mind after you finish your current tours?

There are always future ideas brewing… and I plan to start recording the next album within the next few months.


Tell me something interesting about yourself.

I prefer not to follow the crowd. I believe in being open to all things and to be flexible as water. I love to receive inspiration from instruments other than my own and to read books by people from many places. I believe in following instinct…


Is there anything else you would like to share?

I hope for world peace in these troubled times.



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