Take It to the Banks!

There are some certain advantages to going through and revising all my books. One of them includes finding poems which I wrote and dedicated to the members of Genesis. Here is one I wrote for Tony Banks in 2011:



Tony Banks, why do I
Call out your name?
You never should have
Gotten the negative vote
When it came to your
Claim to fame.
No use for denial because
Others would have called
It a shame.
Now you shall never know
This woman who writes a
Song about you.
*dedicated to Tony Banks

Dedicated to Mike Rutherford

Going along with my previous post, here is a poem which I wrote for Mike Rutherford’s birthday last year:


Ode to Mike

You’ve stood tall
all these years, never
being afraid of commitment.
What had started in the
sixties brought you through,
as it still remains today.
When you were younger,
you didn’t have much say,
but all that changed once
you took hold of your bass.
Towns and cities have
passed by your eyes,
but that never slowed you
down–never stopped you
from enjoying your life.
You took a wife and created
three children to carry on
your name and legacy.
And so many are proud of
what you have accomplished
during your first sixty-five years.
Bring in the next number to
add another year to the slate,
emphasizing the fact that
you’ve so much more left
to do with these gifts which
God has given you!

*dedicated to Mike Rutherford

(c) 2016 by Jen Selinsky

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Today is Mike Rutherfords’ 67th birthday! Seconds Out was also released forty years ago today. The album’s release wass a certainly a great milestone, but it couldn’t have turned out as well as it did without Mike. Though he saw his musical beginnings with the group Anon, Mike has been a faithful member os Genesis since their beginnings 50 years ago. Help me in wishing him a Happy Birthday!

Calling all Fans!

Twenty years ago today, on August 25, 1997, Genesis released their last studio album, Calling all Stations.  Many do not seem to care for the band’s last studio attempt, and The Sum of all Parts eliminated it completely. (But, to be fair, they didn’t give Steve Hackett’s solo career any coverage!)

And though fans like me can hold their breaths until we turn blue, I do not see any chance of a full classic lineup reunion accompanied by a Lamb tour.  What would be reasonable is a new album, just one, and for Genesis to get back their prog rock sound which helped them establish their name.

It is, after all, the band’s 50th anniversary!

Peter Gabriel Art Contest

Back in May, I was involved in a Peter Gabriel art contest.  Warren Vlass, the Administrator of Peter Gabriel Fans on Facebook held an art contest.  Participants were invited to submit their work between May 1 and May 30, 2017.

And while I did not win the grand prize, I was proud to be included in such a contest because Real World Studios suggested it.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if Peter Gabriel saw everyone’s work?  I certainly would like to think that it’s a possibility.

In case anyone wants to see what I entered, here are my three submissions:


Genesis Everywhere!

I went out to the local cracker Barrel to grab some dinner before our writers’ group met, just so I wouldn’t have to drive home and get something to eat immediately after work then rush back to our meeting place.

I finished my food and was getting ready to leave my table when I noticed something interesting.  A waitress came out carrying a pot of coffee to one of her tables.  The name “Genesis” was emblazoned across the front of her brown apron.

I had to look a second time to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but they weren’t. It was right there, clear as day.

I wanted to stop her and tell her that Genesis is my favorite band, (even though she’s young enough that she probably never even heard of Phil Collins.)  I also wanted to ask her if I could get a picture of her apron, but I thought that would have been a little creepy, a complete stranger asking for a photo, so I decided against it.

Still, it’s an interesting reminder that there are actually people named Genesis (not just fans of the band with the nickname Jenesis).

And even though I forgot to tell my group about it this time, this will surely make an interesting conversation piece for our next meeting.

June 21, 2016

One year ago today, my husband and I just came back to our hotel room after seeing one of the greatest concerts in our experience thus far!  We’d just witnessed the opening show for Peter Gabriel and Sting’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Tour.  Just the fact that we were in the same building as one of my favorite musicians was enough to get the euphoria-induced blood flowing through my veins.  What a great way to spend the summer solstice!

Even though I was unsuccessful in getting to meet Peter before or after the show, (Some people had been lucky enough to sopt him and/or Sting.  I later mailed Peter a copy of my book, Twilight Alehouse.) it was still a great experience, nonetheless, certainly worth the 3 1/2 hour trip.

I have since posted my concert review on Ticket Master, and Alan Hewitt was gracious enough to include my review on his website, The Waiting Room Online.  Not only did he include my work on the webpage for #99, but the same piece will also be featured in the limited print edition of #100!  Now I anticipate the day in which I shall receive it in the post.

So, to make a long story short, my husband and I got to see Peter Gabriel in all his greatness, something which we never thought would happen.   I suppose the next thing on our bucket list is to catch a Steve Hackett show!