Happy Birthday, Peter!

The first time I heard about Peter Gabriel was when I was thirteen years old. I had just seen the video for “Sledgehammer.” For the longest time after that, I thought he was a one-hit wonder.

It wasn’t until my husband introduced me to a “new” band in 2006 that I learned otherwise. Not only does Peter have a prosperous solo career, but he was the front man for Genesis! He, along with Anthony Phillips, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford formed the band in 1967.

Many fans were saddened by the fact that Peter left Genesis in 1975, shortly after the band finished their The Lamb  Lies Down on Broadway tour.

After Peter took a brief hiatus from music, he returned during the late ’70s to start a promising solo career. Though his sound has changed over the years, he is still able to make a loving doing what he loves.

Not only should Peter be applauded for his music, but his humanitarianism efforts have earned him even more fame and recognition. He has worked with many charities over the years and is a big advocate for human rights.

Peter is a man of many talents who also has a charitable heart. Little did any man know that he would become such a fine individual when he was born sixty-eight years ago today. But now that it’s been proven, I want to wish Peter Gabriel a very Happy Birthday-many happy returns and blessings!







Happy Birthday, Steve!

Sixty-eight years ago today, one of the world’s greatest musicians was born! Steve Hackett is a pioneer in the field of rock ‘n’ roll and is often credited with having invented heavy metal guitar. He has inspired many bands, such as Van Halen, to create the sounds which helped to make them famous.

His accomplishments are many, and no one can deny his prolific nature. Steve’s twenty-seven solo albums are only proof that he has withstood the test of time and will continue to create such masterpieces that will carry his name into the future.

A little less than a year ago, I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing Steve for this very blog! His answers were very thought-provoking and insightful. I cannot thank him enough for volunteering his time.

So, Steve, if you are reading this, Travis and I want to wish you many happy returns! May you continue to be blessed with all that is good. Thank you for being so kind and loyal to all your fans who truly appreciate all that you do!


May the world never forget

One of its shining children

Who has made his way into the light,

Never to see darkness again.





Happy 67th Birthday, Phil!

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Phil Collins on this, his 67th birthday!


You’re not just another face

that I have know from a long time ago.

You helped to create worlds

that I have been back to

many times over again.


So, Phil, if you happen to be reading this, many happy returns!

Climbing Up…

*I first contacted Fernando after I finished reading his spectacular book, Solsbury Hill: Peter Gabriel’s Psychic Phenomenon (The Spiritual Experience behind the Song).

I told him how much I enjoyed his book and promised to write a review. And though it took me a while to fulfill that promise, I logged onto Lulu and posted the review.

Days later, Fernando sent me the following image:


Needless to say, I was completely flattered and surprised! Never before has someone used one of my reviews to endore his or her book! Now I used this image to help him market his wonderful work so that it might find itself in the hands of other Peter Gabriel fans!

*Please click on the following link to read my full review and purchase the book:




Richard’s Book of Genesis!

Today, I woke up not expecting very much. Since the US does not observe Boxing Day like our northly neighbors and some other overseass countries, I was already out of the holiday frame of mind.

It was nearly 3:30 p.m. when I rose, but that I was because I was up until about 6:30 in the morning watching the new Doctor Who Christmas special with Travis then reading the first chapter of Finding Forrester.

On my way to run some errands, I went over to my mailbox. Actually, I got into my car and drove to it because it’s freezing outside, and those who know me the most know that my body cannot tolerate cold!

Anyway, when I opened the little black door, I saw the package that I had been waiting for for weeks. Richard MacPhail’s My Book of Genesis had finally arrived! I was so excited that my first impule was to tear open the little parcel right there, but I wanted to wait until my chores were finished. I knew that Travis wanted to take the first look too….

…Oh, sorry about that. I was just reading the introduction by Peter Gabriel. I can’t wait to read Richard’s book in its entirety as I promised him a review. I’m so glad that Richard and I met and befriended each other recently on Facebook. I also invited him to interview for my blog, just as Steve Hackett had so generously done last April.

Though mere pictures alone cannot do enough justice to the excitement I felt after I opened the package, here I want to show the front cover.


There’s a great photo of the artist there. And I hope that the happiness reflected on his face in the picture has carried through with him today!


This second photograph also means a lot because Richard had so kindly dedicated the book to both me and Travis, just like I had requested. It makes me feel like I have known Richard for years. This makes me want to show this gem off to my friends and family even more!

Now that I’ve relayed some of today’s excitement to you, it’s time that I at least try to work some more on my current projects. But, before that, it’s time to listen to “Pennsylvania Flickhouse” again!


Merry Christmas!

My husband got me two books about Peter Gabriel for Christmas! So, needless to say, I now have some more great reading material!


On an unrelated note, after being subjected to some old country music last night, I had to get back into the car and listen to some Genesis. It was like soothing therapy after a long round of torture!

Happy Birthday, Anthony Phillips!

When I was younger, it was rare that I knew people with birthdays this close to Christmas.

Aside from a childhood friend, Anthony Phillips is the second person I know whose birthday falls on December 23.


So, Anthony, this is for you:

Let your guitar rejoice
and be not afraid
to celebrate so close
to the time when
we observe the One
Who gave you birth.
Glad to have you on
this earth to share your
talent with those who
those who’ve admired you
for years.
*dedicated to Anthony Phillips