Jenesis’s Birthday Cake!

Last Sunday was my birthday celebration with my in-laws. I wanted to share some photos of the awesome cake which my mother-in-law made for me.

Though she said the cake gave her trouble during the entire process, it was a labor of love, and I appreciated all the effort which she put into it for me. I would have to say that it was one of my favorite birthday gifts which I received this year!


Though it might be a little difficult to see, my mohter-in-law wrote my nickname, Jenesis, to the left of the band’s mid-’70s logo.

Here are two more pictures of the same, wonderful cake. I had to take more than just one!



The next day, I also received my copy of TWR#100 which Alan Hewitt saved for me. (Mine is #63 of #100). I was very happy to have one of my works included in such a fine work!




Today’s My Birthday, Friend!

And my husband got me three Genesis-related gifts!

The first is another Lamb T-shirt:


This one came with a cool set of decals:


And last, but not least, is a book by Chris Welch:


Though these were the Genesis gifts which I received on my actual birthday, I have the feeling that more goodies will trickle in during the next few days!

This Little Lamb Did Not Lie Down

Instead, she went trick-or-treating! Here I am on Halloween 1983, just a mere two days shy of my fifth birthday.

lil Jen 1lil Jen 2lil Jen 3

Little did I know about the whole lamb significance and what an impact the album would have on me twenty-some odd years later. Perhaps it was some kind of weird kind of foreshadowning. Maybe my mother was trying to tell me that I would one day be a Genesis fan. In any case, here I am now, only two days shy of my thirty-ninth birthday!

Here’s hoping that all of you get at least one good Trick (or Treat) of the Tail. Happy Halloween, everyone!

It’s (Almost) My Birthday!

Over the years, my husband has listened to me complain about the fact that I did not own any official Genesis T-shirts, so I finally decided to do something about it! I went online and did a search for The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, and plenty of results filled my screen. Since we are Prime members, Amazon was obviosuly my first choice.

And while I enjoy a great deal of the band’s music, The Lamb is my favorite album, so I figured that I could walk around and “advertise” a Genesis classic. I did have to wait nearly two weeks for the item to arrive, but it was worth from the time I hit the purchase button!

Now I have one week until I turn thirty-nine where I can show off how cool I, er, I mean, Genesis is!


Here it is again, a bit closer to the center.




Walking Across the Big Four Bridge

Last Sunday, I decided to take a walk on my favorite bridge connecting Jeffersonville to Louisville. I went downtown, not expecting the large draw for the festival. The New Beginnings foundation was holding the Via Calori Street Painting Festival. All proceeds from the event go to help children find good foster homes.

I didn’t even start out listening to Genesis. I was all jazzed up on The Beach Boys and The Monkees when my feet first touched ground in Louisville.

Here I thought that my husband and I are the only Genesis fans in the Kentuckiana area, but I was surprised and delighted (mostly delighted) to see these drawings! After I expressed my delight to any passersby who happened to be listening, I changed my music and started listening “From Genesis to Revelations.”


*This was the first Genesis-related drawing that I saw, and I freaked out!


Then I noticed this, and I thought, “This has to be ‘Foxy’!”



This one made me smile. I had yet to see Britannia in bird form!

I wish I knew who to credit these drawings to, but the artist had already left. No one around seemed to know who graced the sidewalks of the Louisville Waterfront Park with these great tributes. Needless to say, these drawings certainly made my little afternoon trip worththile!

Take It to the Banks!

There are some certain advantages to going through and revising all my books. One of them includes finding poems which I wrote and dedicated to the members of Genesis. Here is one I wrote for Tony Banks in 2011:



Tony Banks, why do I
Call out your name?
You never should have
Gotten the negative vote
When it came to your
Claim to fame.
No use for denial because
Others would have called
It a shame.
Now you shall never know
This woman who writes a
Song about you.
*dedicated to Tony Banks

Dedicated to Mike Rutherford

Going along with my previous post, here is a poem which I wrote for Mike Rutherford’s birthday last year:


Ode to Mike

You’ve stood tall
all these years, never
being afraid of commitment.
What had started in the
sixties brought you through,
as it still remains today.
When you were younger,
you didn’t have much say,
but all that changed once
you took hold of your bass.
Towns and cities have
passed by your eyes,
but that never slowed you
down–never stopped you
from enjoying your life.
You took a wife and created
three children to carry on
your name and legacy.
And so many are proud of
what you have accomplished
during your first sixty-five years.
Bring in the next number to
add another year to the slate,
emphasizing the fact that
you’ve so much more left
to do with these gifts which
God has given you!

*dedicated to Mike Rutherford

(c) 2016 by Jen Selinsky